Friday, March 6, 2009


i've been living under the radar the past few weeks, busting out art and prints and clocks for the buckman art show, a restocking of NOUN, and for what may be an increase of clock sales in late march/april (more on that later). 14 new pieces (plus 2 new prints) and 15 new clocks in 3 weeks! (all with that almost-3-year-old boy who is busy mastering the art of zapping every last bit of patience from his parents.) phew!

but it all paid off when i saw some of the new creations (and a bunch of older ones) assembled together in the display i created for the buckman art show! this is the first time i set aside enough time to put together a little display for the show (aside from the black grid they supply) and i'm so happy with the way it turned out. lets hope it attracts some extra attention.

the buckman art show looks like it's going to be a stellar event this year with some amazing art and handmade goodies! it starts tonight, and runs through tomorrow evening. you can find all the details here: i hope to see some of you there! (i'll be the one chasing after the little shaggy-haired blond boy).

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