Friday, March 20, 2009

look at me look at me!!

the house beautiful online supplement is up! you can find a link to all the lovely etsy selections from the front page of, including a (little too low-contrast for me) photo of my clock. and here is a link to a scaled-down version of my q&a, with a very LARGE photo (that i'm wishing was a smallish photo) of yours truly. i hope i'm not sounding whiny and complainy, cause i'm actually totally stoked!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

is this dutch?

the almost-3-year-old is taking a rare nap (much too late in the day i'm afraid) and i'm suddenly scrambling to squeeze as much into the next 30 minutes as possible. blog post, sweep floor, sort laundry, photograph new clocks, start soda bread, update etsy. or maybe just open a beer and read the new rolling stone. it's so hard to prioritize during these rare kid-free moments.

my lovely friend cherise is always on the look out for old crumbling foreign-language books for me, and boy did she pull through this week. she dropped by with this lovely the other day...

i'm trying to make sense of it, which is tough when there is this beauty of a cow...

and then an etching of jesus with sunrays shooting out of his head, followed 10 pages later by a soft-focus image of abraham lincoln. must be some "overview of everything and everyone ever" lesson book?
i love it and so am glad that the binding is a wreck--i won't feel terribly guilty using pages for background noise in an art piece or 5. the cover however is precious and i plan to make a book-box out of it. whether i'll be able to part with that is another issue. speaking of which, i'll post photos soon of the book-box i made recently that i swear i'll list at andfurthermore soon as i'm finished staring at it lovingly.

Friday, March 13, 2009

i've been published!

some big news arrived in my mailbox today--next month's edition of "house beautiful" magazine with a little feature on "and furthermore"!!

it's a 2-page spread on etsy sellers and their wares, and i was fortunate enough to be included by the assistant editor, amy claire preiser. my caption reads: "retro with a modern flair. who would have thought a doily could look so hip?" cute, no?

it's to be followed up with an online supplement, including interviews with some of the sellers (me too me too!). i'll post the link as soon as there is one.

now i'll be waiting by the phone for a call from the executives at anthropologie. or maybe martha? this girl is just dying to sell out!

Friday, March 6, 2009


i've been living under the radar the past few weeks, busting out art and prints and clocks for the buckman art show, a restocking of NOUN, and for what may be an increase of clock sales in late march/april (more on that later). 14 new pieces (plus 2 new prints) and 15 new clocks in 3 weeks! (all with that almost-3-year-old boy who is busy mastering the art of zapping every last bit of patience from his parents.) phew!

but it all paid off when i saw some of the new creations (and a bunch of older ones) assembled together in the display i created for the buckman art show! this is the first time i set aside enough time to put together a little display for the show (aside from the black grid they supply) and i'm so happy with the way it turned out. lets hope it attracts some extra attention.

the buckman art show looks like it's going to be a stellar event this year with some amazing art and handmade goodies! it starts tonight, and runs through tomorrow evening. you can find all the details here: i hope to see some of you there! (i'll be the one chasing after the little shaggy-haired blond boy).