Monday, February 16, 2009

post-birthday stupor

i had an awesome 34th birthday yesterday (along with a not-so-awesome migraine) filled with yummy food, a respite from the little man, grown-up conversations, too many gifts, just enough absinthe, and not a single moment spent making anything. it was lovely (all except that darn migraine!).

and this morning i awoke to news of my paper n stitch shop on the front page as the "shop of the day". you can check out the blog here, with the link to my shop. (and while you are there, you can help me out by adding me as a favorite by clicking on the heart. the shop with the most "hearts" can win some hard cash and a discount on next month's shop fee!).


Saturday, February 14, 2009

i heart truffles

i'm in serious "stockpile" mode--trying to put together enough pieces for the buckman art show in march, as well as the onslaught i'm expecting at andfurthermore in march and april (but i'm holding out on that big news for a few more weeks--stay tuned!). i've made a few new "man with camera" collage/prints like this one i'm digging...

and a bunch of new clocks that i'm slowly listing in the other shop. i'm getting a bit antsy to create something shiny and new, but i'm finding that the economy is dictating where i spend my time and energy--that being, things that sell for less than $50. fortunately i'm all about adaptation.

i had a nice respite from my dank basement studio today, and made truffles with the little man for the big daddy. these lovelies (grand marnier truffles with cocoa powder and almond truffles with chopped nuts) were surprisingly easy. i think i spent more time making the heart-shaped box.

i'm hoping he'll share. yum.

Friday, February 6, 2009

eta 5

ooh i almost is the opening of the enormous tiny art show at nahcotta gallery! it's sure to be a great show and only wish i could meet some of the other artists--a few of my favorites are there. if you don't have plans to be in new hampshire this weekend, you should at least check out the online gallery. (my own little section is here. woo hoo!)

jeesh did i need a vacation!

so i now know that vacationing with a clingy 2-year-old with a tummy virus is not my vision of relaxation. but we had a great time with all the family in sunny and warm southern california, and i managed to avoid my etsy sites and my email for an entire week, which made up for the "difficult-child" moments. (all the lavishing of gifts and sushi didn't hurt either!)
and what did i come home to but a big ol' blog mention on dooce! yikes. now i'm off to go bust out some more clocks to replenish my dwindling stock.