Tuesday, March 17, 2009

is this dutch?

the almost-3-year-old is taking a rare nap (much too late in the day i'm afraid) and i'm suddenly scrambling to squeeze as much into the next 30 minutes as possible. blog post, sweep floor, sort laundry, photograph new clocks, start soda bread, update etsy. or maybe just open a beer and read the new rolling stone. it's so hard to prioritize during these rare kid-free moments.

my lovely friend cherise is always on the look out for old crumbling foreign-language books for me, and boy did she pull through this week. she dropped by with this lovely the other day...

i'm trying to make sense of it, which is tough when there is this beauty of a cow...

and then an etching of jesus with sunrays shooting out of his head, followed 10 pages later by a soft-focus image of abraham lincoln. must be some "overview of everything and everyone ever" lesson book?
i love it and so am glad that the binding is a wreck--i won't feel terribly guilty using pages for background noise in an art piece or 5. the cover however is precious and i plan to make a book-box out of it. whether i'll be able to part with that is another issue. speaking of which, i'll post photos soon of the book-box i made recently that i swear i'll list at andfurthermore someday...as soon as i'm finished staring at it lovingly.

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