Sunday, January 18, 2009

i have too many deadlines to be blogging right now but...

ok so i surely won't be doing these daily posts for the entirety of this blog, but for now i guess i'm just a bit giddy about this whole rambling-on-to-an-invisible-audience thing.

i just wanted to share these lovely remnants from my hexagon shapes (that i can't seem to get enough of these days). they turn up in pieces like this one. i free-hand cut the shapes from paper i have painted, and what remains has become my favorite "inspiration wall" item. if i can bring myself to part with them, i'll try to incorporate them into a piece someday.(you can even catch a glimpse of a matador up on the right from a brand-spankin' new piece.)

ooh, and then there is this...

i've found myself drawing again, just plain ol' pencil and paper. and my participation in nahcotta gallery's february edition of its "enormous tiny art show" has given me the excuse to indulge myself in my favorite kind of drawing--the miniscule, eye-straining sort.

here is the beginning of a piece i drew today (that i plan on embellishing with one sort of geometrical shape or another)...

she stands just over 1 1/2" tall and she must be just the sweetest thing.

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  1. Aunt Bea! Is that you? Oh how I've missed you and your delicious treats each time we stop by for a visit on Sunday afternoons. May I please have another cookie with my tea? No, make that a piece of pecan pie please.
    Your Great Niece,