Friday, January 16, 2009

look at me i'm blogging!!

it was only a matter of time before i finally got down to it and started this blogging business. and of course i have to start it right in the middle of everything, because i really needed just one more thing on my plate.
i'm hoping this can be the place where i consolidate all my goings on and my projects and my ideas about my goings on and my projects. i'm just not quite clear about whether this is for you folks out there who might be interested, or for my own sanity. of course a calender might do the trick too. gotta get one of those.
ok, so here goes...

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  1. I too want to start was actually my resolution for 2008--to learn to blog. I made one attempt and then Austin got sick, later broke his collar bone and it was just put on the back burner. My biggest dilema was coming up with a cool/cute name. I thought about house2home2...I would write about home remodel projects, recipes, being a mom and wife and musings of the moment....Any suggestions greatly appreciated!