Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3-year-olds and fleeting fame

i'm such the reluctant blogger lately. i was deeply mired in deadlines and a certain 3-year-olds' birthday, (complete with "construction site" cake, and oversized "work site" banner) and then experienced an overwhelming exhaustion where i was doing everything i could to avoid anything that might resemble art or artsy things. i'm coming out of the fog, and just in time for an incredible spring awakening here in portland. (it's frickin' amazing outside!!).
my garden is planted, i'm almost caught up with my shipping after a feature in design*sponge (!!) last week that brought a ridiculous amount of sales, and i'm shipping off my prints for "the incredible print show" at artstream next month. things are feeling almost in control! and i'm deadline-free for the first time since november! now i'm off to fine-tune some new artsy ideas, and see if i can't wrangle up some new shows.

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